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Types of Cardboard Boxes and Packing Materials For Your Move in Liverpool

  • Liverpool Moving Boxes and Packing ServiceLarge cardboard boxes: Best for packing kitchenware, glassware and small kitchen appliances. Dimensions - 467 х 457 х 463 mm.
  • Wardrobe cardboard boxes: For storing clothes during the move. They come with a metal hanger bars inside. Dimensions - 508 х 457 х 1244 mm.
  • Wrapping paper: Comes in packs of 100 and 260 sheets. Used to wrap glasses, plates, vases and for filling the empty space inside the boxes when packing. Dimensions - 51 х 67 сm.
  • Bubble wrap: Used for packing fragile and gentle items, TV sets, antique furniture, etc. Dimensions - 2 х 5000 х 30 сm.
  • Clean stretch wrap: For protection of mattresses and sofas, sometimes for glass cupboards. Dimensions - 400 mm х 300 m.
  • Sofa, armchair, mattress covers: These are specially designed plastic covers. They are more expensive than the stretch wrap, but definitely more secure.
  • Brown vinyl tape: Dimensions - 5 cm x 6600 cm

Benefit From Competent Packing Services

Delivery of packing materials and cardboard boxes, plus our help with packing and unpacking can be very easily booked along your removal service or ordered separately. And if your home is up to a two-bedroom house, the whole service can be performed in one day.

The main purpose of every boxing and packing service is to ensure all your furniture and belongings are transported safely to avoid any damage. There are different sizes and types of cardboard boxes - for cutlery, books, glassware, clothes, etc. We can also provide the necessary amount of wrapping paper for the more fragile items (glasses, plates, vases and photo frames). Each item is carefully wrapped with a sheet of paper before placing it inside the box.

More paper is used to fill in the corners and the space between the items in the box. Mattresses, sofas and armchairs are either wrapped in clear stretch wrap or packed with specialised covers to protect them from dirt and dust during the move.

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